Jade Bonsai Kit - Indoor (1063)

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How hard is it to care for a bonsai tree?

Bonsai trees are easier to care for than you think! They require more attention than a basic houseplant but if you follow our care guides you should have no problem keeping your tree alive and healthy.

We have a care guide just for this tree, click here to view it.

What tools & supplies do I need?

For beginners we recommend a Fertilizer & Vitamin Combo to keep your plant healthy and that you provide clean, filtered water as required. We would also recommend ordering a pruning shear to allow you to shape your new tree.

How long will it take to get my new tree?

Most trees are shipped every Monday or Tuesday and received by customers on Thursday or Friday. We ship trees only on Monday or Tuesday to ensure they arrive healthy!

Item Details
Skill Level Beginner
Type Evergreen
Climate Tropical
Fall Color Green
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Light Shade, Partial Sun
Scientific Name Portulacaria afra
Family Portulacaceae
Location Indoor
Pot Size 6" Rectangular
Pot Type Bonsai Pot
Approximate Age 3 years

Jade Bonsai Kit

Pot: 6” Ceramic Pot w/ Tray
Height: Approximately 5"-7"
Age: 3 years

Items Included Are:

Tree Pre-potted in Blue Ceramic Pot w/ Tray
101 Essential Tips Bonsai Book
Fujiyama Fertilizer & Vitamin Combo - (2) 2oz Bottles
6.5" Long Narrow Blade Pruning Shears
Care Guide

View the Care Guide for this Bonsai

1 Customer Reviews

Bonsai Nana - Reviewed on 9/18/2017
Overall Rating
First jade plant I haven't killed in its first week. Making arrangements to bring her in during the winter here. I have several heaters and grow lights in our garage for plants. We have more problems with our indoor bonsai plants than the outdoor ones. My review won't be complete until the spring comes our way.

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