Premium Bonsai Kit - Informal Upright (1059)

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How hard is it to care for a bonsai tree?

Bonsai trees are easier to care for than you think! They require more attention than a basic houseplant but if you follow our care guides you should have no problem keeping your tree alive and healthy.

We have a care guide just for this tree, click here to view it.

What tools & supplies do I need?

For beginners we recommend a Fertilizer & Vitamin Combo to keep your plant healthy and that you provide clean, filtered water as required. We would also recommend ordering a pruning shear to allow you to shape your new tree.

How long will it take to get my new tree?

Most trees are shipped every Monday or Tuesday and received by customers on Thursday or Friday. We ship trees only on Monday or Tuesday to ensure they arrive healthy!

Item Details
Skill Level Beginner
Type Deciduous
Climate Temperate
Fall Color Green
Sun Exposure Light Shade
Scientific Name Juniperus procumbens 'Nana'
Location Outdoor
Pot Type Bonsai Pot
Height Approximately 8" - 11"

Premium Bonsai Starter Kit - Informal Upright Juniper

Our premium informal upright bonsai tree kit now not only includes a larger informal upright bonsai tree, this kit includes a premium bonsai shear and the bonsai 101 book. This is everything you need to grow, and train your new bonsai into a beautiful work of art. This bonsai has been pruned to let the light in, and it is the perfect canvas for you to create your masterpiece with as it is ready for you to style and wire. You are only limited by your imagination!

The Bonsai tree shown here is a good representations of what you will receive. Mature Juniper foliage and exfoliating bark make it an excellent choice among the many varieties. This is the Juniper that the Japanese use for Bonsai. Very popular in the USA.

Kit also available with a windswept juniper

This kit now includes a blue ceramic pot and tray. This is an extremely valuable upgrade to the plastic pot and tray shown in the illustration.

Look at everything that is included for this great price:

Windswept Juniper Tree

You will receive a plant similar to the one pictured. You will then need to prepare the plant for transplanting into the provided pot, using the supplies provided. You are involved throughout the process of creating your new Bonsai. We provide the perfect canvas and you are able to plant and trim the tree exactly as you wish.
8" Plastic Pot and Tray

Perfectly sized pot for your new bonsai plant.

Blue Ceramic Pot & Tray Set

Now including a Beautiful Blue Ceramic Container along with a Beautiful Blue Ceramic Tray!!! An extremely valuable upgrade from the brown plastic pot and tray shown in the illustration.

Tray not pictured. Pot and Tray included may vary slightly from pictured pot.
High Quality Traditional Bonsai Shears

Made in Japan by Fujiyama. These are premium bonsai shears.

7" long. 2 3/8" from pivot to blade tip. 3 Year Warranty Included!
Akadama Top Dressing - Small Portion

The roots love it and it will alert you to the wetness or dryness of your soil. This form of akadama is great for about two seasons of growth. It is extremely porous.
Japanese Bonsai Soil

You will be provided with enough bonsai soil for transplanting your new tree to it's decorative pot. This is a premium bonsai soil.
Fujiyama Fertilizer Combo (view)

One is a fertilizer and the other is a root stimulator. Used in conjunction with each other to boost your Bonsai along. Concentrated. A 5:10:5 Fertilizer.
101 Essential Bonsai Tips Books (view)

72 pages all in color. Breaks down key information on cultivating bonsai into 101 easy-to-grasp tips and gives quick answers to all your questions.

Everything you need to know about your new bonsai and how to trim/transplant your kit!
Training Wire

Bonsai Wire to train your Bonsai into your desired form.
Drainage Mesh

Japanese drainage mesh for covering the holes in your bonsai pot so soil doesn't leak out the bottom.
Fisherman w/ Fishing Pole

Imported fisherman figurine with fishing pole and fish.

2" Glazed
Plant Label

Attractively designed Japanese label in the form of a hut.
View the Care Guide for this Bonsai

5 Customer Reviews

Awesome service!
Rusty - Reviewed on 8/7/2016
Overall Rating
I'm a complete beginner to Bonsai. Your customer service is AWESOME! Received all items in a very timely manner. All products were excellently packed, and my Bonsai came in excellent condition! Will do business with this company again.
Great first bonsai!
Kittycatnoodle - Reviewed on 12/20/2015
Overall Rating
I have no knowledge of Bonsai's whatsoever. Giving the kit as a gift to my boyfriend who's interested in getting started with bonsia trees. This was the only one I could find on the internet that wasnt trimmed. Great little starter kit. The tree itself was perfect and good condition. I havnt seen everything since it is a gift but it's all well package and shipping was fast, a lot fasterm then expected. I just gotta take care of the little guy till Christmas. :)
Excellant service!!
Suzanne - Reviewed on 9/2/2014
Overall Rating
Detailed packing had everything arrive in amazing detail, except my little clay fiqurine. To my shock, after a note to the company, several days later I received an additional 5 fiquines, free of charge. What a great first experience with a company!!!!
Broken pot
Brian Carnes - Reviewed on 3/30/2013
Overall Rating
I received everything that I ordered and the tree looks great. The only problem is that the pot was broken into many fragments.
Fun gift
Marcy G - Reviewed on 11/4/2011
Overall Rating
Since you have to do some work with these kits, it's a great gift for gardeners. I gave this kit to a friend and helped them get everything going. Was a lot of fun!!

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