VITA-GRO Slow Release Fertilizer

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Vita-Gro - 23 Tablets
Vita-Gro - 40 Tablets
Vita-Gro - 500 Tablets
Vita-Gro - 2,500 Tablets

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Vitagro is an inorganic dry fertilizer for use with bonsai and all your plants. 20-2,500 tablet bottle. Especially good for conifers.

Vita-Gro Bottle

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Vitagro Slow Release Fertilizer.

A new product from Japan.

The best dry inorganic fertilizer for your Bonsai and all your plants. This is especially good for conifer type Bonsai. Very slow release type.

No odor, No bugs, No root burn, safe for indoor plants.

N:5 P:30 K:5 Mg:15.

Instructions for use

  • 2 pellets for a 7" pot
  • 4 for an 8" pot
  • 6 for a 10" pot

Apply 2 times a year - Spring a & Autumn.

Press the pellets down into the soil with your finger.

Available Package Sizes:

  • F137 - 23 Tablets NEW
  • F131 - 40 tablets
  • F132 -500 tablets
  • F133 - 2,500 tablets
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