Dawn Redwood Bonsai - Large (outdoor)

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How hard is it to care for a bonsai tree?

Bonsai trees are easier to care for than you think! They require more attention than a basic houseplant but if you follow our care guides you should have no problem keeping your tree alive and healthy.

We have a care guide just for this tree, click here to view it.

What tools & supplies do I need?

For beginners we recommend using our balanced fertilizer & vitamin combo to keep your plant healthy and that you provide clean, filtered water as required.

We also recommend a pair of our basic pruning shears to allow you to trim and shape your new tree.

Both of these essential items have been paired together in our Fujiyama Starter Kit which we recommend purchasing along with your tree giving you a complete setup. The Fujiyama Starter Kit also comes with the Bonsai 101 Essential Tips book which walks you through the basic care instructions ensuring success as a beginner!.

30 Day Plant Replacement

Bonsai trees are easier to care for than you think! They require more attention than a basic houseplant but if you follow our care guides you should have no problem keeping your tree alive and healthy.

We want you to shop with absolute confidence when shopping with Dallas Bonsai so we created a 30-day plant replacement policy. We’ve been around for a while and understand that things just happen sometimes…This replacement policy is straight forward and simple; If your tree ends up dead within 30 days, we’ll replace it for free and even cover the shipping cost to get it to you. Simply call us and we’ll get you taken care of. It’s as simple as that.

How long will it take to get my new tree?

Most trees are shipped every Monday or Tuesday and received by customers on Thursday or Friday. We ship trees only on Monday or Tuesday to ensure they arrive healthy!

Item Details
Skill Level Beginner
Type Deciduous
Climate Temperate
Fall Color Yellow - Bronze
Sun Exposure Light Shade, Partial Sun
Scientific Name Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Location Outdoor
Pot Type Bonsai Pot
Height 24"-34"
Approximate Age 7 years

Dawn Redwood - Large

Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Have you ever dreamed of having a millions-of-years-old tree right in your own home? It’s easier than you think. Metasequoia glyptostroboides populated the earth at the same time as dinosaurs were roaming it. Humans only knew this species from fossils – until the 1940s when a random group of these prehistoric giants was found growing in China

Now you can have a miniature version of this ages-old species in the form of a bonsai. This conifer has a lovely display of lacey needle-like leaves which turn to yellow and bronze, finally dropping from the tree (as long as it is allowed to experience the natural changing of the seasons outdoors). The red, textured bark adds beautiful visual interest.

Metasequoia being a fairly slow grower, you will appreciate that much of the growing work with this specimen has already been done for you, making for a living piece of history that can be enjoyed immediately and for years to come

Pot: Ceramic Pot
Height: Approximately 24" – 34”
Age: 7 years

Check out the 'ADDITIONAL INFORMATION' tab above for more details about this tree.

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Great service
JOHN - Reviewed on 5/16/2016
Overall Rating
Service was great and on time as promised for father's day
I love my tree!!!
Tom - Reviewed on 5/9/2016
Overall Rating
I could"t be happier with my purchase! My tree arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Although unpacking was a little frustrating, I appreciate the care with which it was packed and prepared for shipping. The tree is healthy, beautiful, and everything I hoped for--including the beautiful pot it's planted in. I definitely will recommend Dallas Bonsai to my friends and will certainly use them again!

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