Bonsai Essential Fertilizer Chemical Set


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Essential Fertilizer Chemical Set

This Essential Set Includes:

Bonsai Pro 7-9-5 by Dyna-Gro

Specifically formulated for bonsai trees, Bonsai Pro is a popular bonsai fertilizer in the United States. Bonsai Pro does not contain Urea and is low in soluble salts - helping prevent root burn.

Dyna Grow KLN Concentrateā„¢ - Rooting Stimulant - 8oz Bottle

Hormone and nutrient solutions containing IBA and NAA, two rooting hormones. K-L-N is proven to promote root growth in bonsai trees. Use it for propogating cuttings, transplanting, and newly potted bonsai trees.

8oz bottle of concentrate

  • Promoting Vigorous Root Growth in Trees, foliage, and flowering plants
  • Helps overcome transplant shock
  • Improves the propogation of plant cuttings
  • Revitalizes damaged or poor root systems

0-10-10 Winterizer Fertilizer - Concentrated

A total of 8 ounces of product. This 0:10:10 fertilizer is just the thing for your Bonsai during the fall and winter months. It gives your Bonsai no nitrogen, but does give it a boost of phosphorus and potassium for trunk, root and for future spring growth.

2" Fertilizer Covers

These fertilizer covers are exactly what you need to keep those pesky birds, squirrels, and other varmints from stealing you expensive top soil fertilizer like Biogold.

2" Fertilizer Covers. 10 covers per pack.


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