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Japanese Shimpaku Tree With Pruning Shear (SM) (1014)

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How hard is it to care for a bonsai tree?

Bonsai trees are easier to care for than you think! They require more attention than a basic houseplant but if you follow our care guides you should have no problem keeping your tree alive and healthy.

We have a care guide just for this tree, click here to view it.

What tools & supplies do I need?

For beginners we recommend using our balanced fertilizer & vitamin combo to keep your plant healthy and that you provide clean, filtered water as required.

We also recommend a pair of our basic pruning shears to allow you to trim and shape your new tree.

Both of these essential items have been paired together in our Fujiyama Starter Kit which we recommend purchasing along with your tree giving you a complete setup. The Fujiyama Starter Kit also comes with the Bonsai 101 Essential Tips book which walks you through the basic care instructions ensuring success as a beginner!.

30 Day Plant Replacement

Bonsai trees are easier to care for than you think! They require more attention than a basic houseplant but if you follow our care guides you should have no problem keeping your tree alive and healthy.

We want you to shop with absolute confidence when shopping with Dallas Bonsai so we created a 30-day plant replacement policy. We’ve been around for a while and understand that things just happen sometimes…This replacement policy is straight forward and simple; If your tree ends up dead within 30 days, we’ll replace it for free and even cover the shipping cost to get it to you. Simply call us and we’ll get you taken care of. It’s as simple as that.

How long will it take to get my new tree?

Most trees are shipped every Monday or Tuesday and received by customers on Thursday or Friday. We ship trees only on Monday or Tuesday to ensure they arrive healthy!

Item Details
Skill Level Beginner
Type Evergreen
Climate Temperate
Fall Color Green
Sun Exposure Light Shade, Partial Sun
Scientific Name Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku'
Location Outdoor
Pot Size 6" Round
Pot Type Nursery Pot
Height 6" - 9"
Approximate Age 2 - 3 years
Trunk Width N/A

Japanese Shimpaku With Pruning Shear

  • Pot: 6" Round pot
  • Height: Approximately 6 to 9"
  • Age: 2 - 3 years
  • Shear: 8" Long Handle

Japanese Shimpaku. This is the type of Juniper that the Japanese use for their Bonsai. It has mature foliage, which means it has the fatty, soft tipped type rather than the needle type. It has exfoliating bark which means it does slough off as do older trees. Slow Growing, but oh so beautiful. Shimpaku means "juniper" in Japanese.

View the Care Guide for this Bonsai

8 Customer Reviews

Great price for a great plant
Son N. - Reviewed on 8/18/2018
Overall Rating
I received a big, lovely, healthy plant in a good pot, carefully packed in a sturdy box with some contact and care information. Shipping took only 3 days, and I had chosen the cheapest option. I'm utmost pleased with Dallas Bonsai.
I am really impress with the quality of the trees I recieved. The packaging was done very carefully and the shipping time was excellant as well. I will definate continue to buy stock from Dallas Bonsai. The old cliche, " If it's not broken don't fix it."
I have none - Reviewed on 6/1/2018
Overall Rating
I am well pleased with the quality of the merchandise I received in a timely manner. The cost of the material is well priced and packaging was great. I am looking forward to purchasing other material. Thank You Dallas Bonsai for the care and perfection you put into your product. Thank You , G. W.
Happy Customer
Rachael Johnson - Reviewed on 2/24/2016
Overall Rating
I bought two trees for my Grandmother's 80th birthday gift; she recently became interested in bonsai and I hoped they would make decent practice specimens. She said that they were indeed great trees and she was very pleased with the gift!
Thank you for the exceptional customer service!!!

Best Regards,
Rachael Johnson aka "Happy Customer"

Sunshine girl - Reviewed on 10/30/2015
Overall Rating
I have been very pleased with Dallas Bonsai. Plants are healthy and packaged well.
Bridge J. - Reviewed on 6/25/2014
Overall Rating
I purchased several Japenese Shimpaku Bonsai Trees along with the 101 Essential Tips Bonsai book and the mini leaf shear/scissor to give to family elders at a gathering to sybolize the elders being the roots of our family tree. The gifts were presented to the elders and they loved them! These were the perfect items in my opinion to give to beginners. Not only did the gifts go over well with the family but the knowledge, expertise & professional customer service from Brandon was awesome! I recommended Dallas Bonsai to all of the family and also to friends who may be interested in loving a bonsai. Thank you!
Patrick Hostetler - Reviewed on 9/1/2013
Overall Rating
As always Dallas Bonsai provides wonderful service. I recieved my product in great condition and in a timely fashion. Very healthy and with much potential.
My purchace
Alva Caswell Jr - Reviewed on 7/5/2013
Overall Rating
The tree I ordered was recieved in a timely manner and was in excellent shape. I was very pleased with your service.
Lovely little cuttings
Stephanie Harris - Reviewed on 5/4/2013
Overall Rating
Arrived in great condition. I can tell the people at Dallas Bonsai care about their trees & want to make sure they arrive healthy. I believe the cuttings were old foliage pads from a much larger Shimpaku bonsai. I planted thm in a sunny spot & have given them a nice sip of water in the morning & evening for the 1st 2 weeks to help them get established. 3rd week a sip of water in th evening. Nxt week evry other day & no more. I've read they're very drought tolerant after they're settled in. I hope they grow well for me & make beautiful bonsai one day

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