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Premium Bonsai Kit - Pruned Shimpaku Juniper - Informal Upright (1061)

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How hard is it to care for a bonsai tree?

Bonsai trees are easier to care for than you think! They require more attention than a basic houseplant but if you follow our care guides you should have no problem keeping your tree alive and healthy.

We have a care guide just for this tree, click here to view it.

What tools & supplies do I need?

For beginners we recommend using our balanced fertilizer & vitamin combo to keep your plant healthy and that you provide clean, filtered water as required.

We also recommend a pair of our basic pruning shears to allow you to trim and shape your new tree.

Both of these essential items have been paired together in our Fujiyama Starter Kit which we recommend purchasing along with your tree giving you a complete setup. The Fujiyama Starter Kit also comes with the Bonsai 101 Essential Tips book which walks you through the basic care instructions ensuring success as a beginner!.

30 Day Plant Replacement

Bonsai trees are easier to care for than you think! They require more attention than a basic houseplant but if you follow our care guides you should have no problem keeping your tree alive and healthy.

We want you to shop with absolute confidence when shopping with Dallas Bonsai so we created a 30-day plant replacement policy. We’ve been around for a while and understand that things just happen sometimes…This replacement policy is straight forward and simple; If your tree ends up dead within 30 days, we’ll replace it for free and even cover the shipping cost to get it to you. Simply call us and we’ll get you taken care of. It’s as simple as that.

How long will it take to get my new tree?

Most trees are shipped every Monday or Tuesday and received by customers on Thursday or Friday. We ship trees only on Monday or Tuesday to ensure they arrive healthy!

Item Details
Skill Level Beginner
Type Evergreen
Climate Temperate
Fall Color Green
Sun Exposure Light Shade, Partial Sun
Location Outdoor
Pot Type Bonsai Pot

Premium Bonsai Kit - Pruned Shimpaku Juniper - Informal Upright.

Great bonsai starter kit!

Our premium bonsai tree kit not only includes a larger bonsai tree, this kit includes a premium bonsai shear and the bonsai 101 book. This is everything you need to grow, and train your new bonsai into a beautiful work of art. This bonsai has been pruned to let the light in, and it is the perfect canvas for you to create your masterpiece with as it is ready for you to style and wire. You are only limited by your imagination!

Look at everything that is included for this great price!

Items included in the Premium Bonsai Kit:

  • The Bonsai tree shown here is a good representations of what you will receive - Shimpaku Juniper specially grown for using in a small Bonsai pot. This is a very popular Bonsai here in the USA. Mature Juniper foliage and exfoliating bark make it an excellent choice among many varieties. This is the Juniper that the Japanese use for Bonsai.
  • Ceramic Pot With Matching Tray
  • Bonsai Soil.
  • River rocks top dressing - will give your tree a beautiful finished look.
  • Japanese drainage mesh for the holes in your container.
  • Mini garden shovel, rake, and spade tools which are made of high quality metal with durable hardwood handles
  • Liquid fertilizer and root stimulator for the health of your Bonsai.
  • Japanese Wire to train your Bonsai.
  • Imported miniature Chinese figurine.
  • Attractively designed Japanese label in the form of a hut.
  • Japanese high quality traditional shears to prune your Bonsai.
  • 101 Essential Tips - A 72 page instructional book on the care of your Bonsai.

View the Care Guide for this Bonsai

11 Customer Reviews

Good starter kit
Rudy - Reviewed on 1/5/2018
Overall Rating
I bought this kit recently and the price was dropped. It was too good to pass up, the kit comes with a lot of items, and I look forward to growing it larger then what it currently is. I will be ordering more items from Dallas Bonsai in near future..
Danni - Reviewed on 11/30/2017
Overall Rating
Purchased as a gift for my husband- he loves it and has already repotted and started training his juniper. However I wish there was more information included care of this particular species- in the “101 tips” book there’s no info about light/temperature requirements for the juniper. Wish I’d known in advance that it’s an outdoor bonsai since we live in an upstairs apartment..
Either way, very satisfied with customer service- if you purchase this kit for a beginner I’d recommend getting an additional, more detailed book about bonsai care.
It was great
DJ - Reviewed on 7/9/2017
Overall Rating
It was a great starter kit. The 101 essential tips on bonsai by DK is a great book, I already have a bigger book on bonsai by them and they are really good on information. I was so happy with my order of a juniper I quickly ordered a boxwood and some plastic bonsai pots for an awesome price.
Lindsay - Reviewed on 12/29/2015
Overall Rating
Excellent and fast customer service response after sending a question!
Quick shipping - just in time for Christmas!
Nice packaging, which kept everything safe and sound.
Very good quality of product and kit!
Bonsai was fabulous
teachinggator - Reviewed on 2/2/2015
Overall Rating
Bonsai was fabulous, a little slow on delivery, not as promised.
Love the Juniper
Lisa - Reviewed on 1/1/2015
Overall Rating
I purchased the juniper for my father as a Christmas gift. He absolutely loves it. I helped him re-pot it in the beautiful blue ceramic pot. He is so very happy with it.
I am going to order one for myself now. My dad and I have found our new hobby!
Thank you Dallas Bonsai- you are a class act.


Lisa Burke
Odie - Reviewed on 12/29/2014
Overall Rating
Need to include a one page instruction sheet telling how to replant tree and watering instructions [EDITOR: We now include a multi-page guide with each kit].
Tree was not as shown in picture.
Awesome beginner kit
k - Reviewed on 7/20/2014
Overall Rating
Had to wait about 8 days for the kit to arrive, but it was worth it. Tree and all accessories arrived in perfect condition. The blue ceramic pot and tray are beautiful. Overall perfect.
A great bonsai at a great price
Les - Reviewed on 6/29/2014
Overall Rating
This was my first bonsai purchase and I couldn't be happier. All of the items that came with this kit (juniper, pot, tray, etc.) were high quality and safely shipped. Everything was included to get me started and Dallas Bonsai responded quickly to my inquiry about fertilizing. I will be doing a regular business with this company in the future.
Perfect Beginner Bonsai
Maggie - Reviewed on 6/2/2014
Overall Rating
Bought this little gem for my sister for her birthday. Aside from a shipping SNAFU {my fault} & the choice of clippers included {not what was shown in the photo} it was a beautiful little tree that arrived in beautiful shape! Even after a week & a half in the box! So happy to see the manual is written by Harry Tomlinson, my favourite Bonsai author! Exceptional quality w/ such a great price!
Fun little kit
Glen Johnson - Reviewed on 3/17/2013
Overall Rating
I loved this kit. The pot is beautiful and it was a joy to pot exactly as I wanted. Thank you!

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