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Akadama - Bonsai Potting Medium / Soil

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Literal translation: "Red Ball Soil"

Japanese clay soil that has a microporous structure which retains water and nutrients. Excellent in assisting with root development. Will break down after constant freezing.

Dallas Bonsai has been importing container loads of the highest quality Japanese Akadama for a very long time. This Akadama bonsai soil mix for sale is literally dug out of old Cryptomeria Forests of Japan at about 10 feet depth. It's piled up on concrete areas to let dry, then it goes through sifters to separate the grain sizes. It is flashed fired to remove any organic matter that may have blown on it or somehow visited it during its "curing" process. Akadama is one of the most popular and well suited soils for bonsai use because of its ability to retain moisture while maintaining structural integrity at the same time. By doing this, the Akadama bonsai soil mix provides the tree with moisture while at the same time preventing soil compaction which allows for excellent drainage and aeration.

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