Copper & Aluminum Bonsai Wire (Training Wire)

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Annealed Copper Wire

Our copper Bonsai wire is made specifically for use on bonsai trees. Because the copper Bonsai wire has been annealed, it is more pliable and easier to work with. However, as the Bonsai training wire is worked, it will become stiffer and gain more holding power. This allows you to quickly and easily wire your trees, and still have the holding strength of a firmer less workable wire.

Aluminum Wire Rolls - Copper Colored/Bronze Colored

Available in numerous sizes to fit your particular needs - 100 gram(3 1/2 ounces), 500 gram(1 pound 1 ounce or 17 1/2ounces) and 1 kilo (2 pounds 3 ounces or 35 ounces) rolls.

Aluminum Bonsai wire has the advantage of being less expensive and easier to apply than copper wire at the cost of holding power. Our aluminum Bonsai wire is copper/bronze colored for superior appearance over standard aluminum wire. The diameter of this Bonsai training wire should be larger than you would use with copper, thus it will not girdle the bonsai as easily or quickly. It is normal to purchase at least 2 or 3 sizes to adequately shape your bonsai, using the appropriate size for a specific job.

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