Knob Cutters

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A knob cutter is a wonderfully versatile, multi-use tool that can make tough cutting jobs seem like a breeze by allowing you to get into tight trimming work at an angle that other tools just can’t provide. Use this spherical cutter to remove ugly knobs or trunk malformations. It can also be used to trim away unwanted root or callous material. The razor-sharp curved edges easily slice through awkward, undesirable tree matter, leaving a hollow wound that heals over quickly with minimal scarring.

Choose from a wide range of sizes - 5 ¾”, 7”, 8”, 8 ¼”, and 11 ¾” in length. Handcrafted in Japan by master bonsai artists, these tools are created using the highest quality standards and come to you with a three year warranty. Finishes include black metal, silver, stainless steel, and Fujiyama’s new “Super Black” line of tools which is comprised of its highly polished black metal finished in a clear coating that gives the tools the look of a brand new expensive black car. Adding one of these quality spherical knob cutters to your bonsai tool collection will make the hobby you love into one you love even more.

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