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The name Masakuni is virtually synonymous with the art of bonsai. This Japanese company originated more than 75 years ago when Shichinosuke Kawasumi, a maker of medical and flower arranging tools, came up with a special pair of bonsai scissors. He then entered into research and development with bonsai master Kyuzo Murata, and Masakuni was born. Since that time, this legendary company has been manufacturing high quality Japanese made Bonsai tools for the art-form by forging steel in a process that creates strong, sharp, specialized implements that are now known the world over as the best tools in the business. Each Masakuni Bonsai tool is inspected and adjusted by hand, for perfect sharpness and precise angles.

We at Dallas Bonsai proudly carry many of these premium Masakuni Bonsai tools in our Bonsai tool line, including wire cutters, trimming shears, root cutters, trunk splitters, and grafting knives. We’re confident that if you try these high quality Japanese made Bonsai tools from the original creator of specialty Bonsai instruments, you will be more than satisfied. These classic implements are well-known for their precision and durability and are created under the strictest quality standards from the company that made bonsai tools what they are today. Trust your trees to only the best.

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