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Bonsai pliers are useful for a number of duties – they are perfect for assisting in bending wire around branches while wiring your tree for training; the rounded ends help ensure that your tree does not become damaged in the process. They may also be used for stripping your bonsai of bark and fibers in order to give it an aged, weathered look. Pliers are an all-around boon to your tool collection for which you’re bound to find several uses.

We carry a range of high quality Fujiyama pliers in sizes from 7” to 9” in length. You may choose from black metal, silvery finish, or stainless steel. For a more comfortable grip, select our vinyl-clad version. While you may be tempted to use regular pliers on your precious bonsai, the right tool really does make all the difference. Our bonsai pliers are handcrafted by master artists in Japan who have an extensive, deep understanding of how to properly create and train these beautiful little trees. When it comes to all the hard work and care you put into your beloved plants, there’s no substitute for using the right tool for each job.

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