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Root Cutters

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While similar in appearance to knob cutters, root cutters – or pruners – serve a very different purpose. They are designed to be much stronger than knob cutters, so that they can withstand the tough, woody root matter which can be hard to cut through with other tools. They are also equipped with a contoured head to give extra clearance while root pruning during repotting, in order to help you avoid nicking surrounding root material that you wish to leave in place. In addition, root cutters may be used to prune extra thick branches that are resistant to normal pruning shears. Once the branch is cut down to a manageable stub, then concave cutters may be used to finish the job.

Our selection of cutters ranges from 7” in length, perfect for more petite trees with smaller root diameters, all the way up to 17 ¼” for those bigger jobs on your more robust bonsai specimens. Finishes include black metal, silvery, and stainless steel. We carry only high quality brands like Masakuni and Fujiyama, handcrafted by some of the finest, most respected bonsai masters in Japan and created to the ultimate in quality standards. Don’t trust the root of your hard work to anything less.

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