Bonsai Shears & Scissors

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1 Item(s)

The most important tool for any Bonsai artist, new or experienced, is a good pair of Bonsai shears – these are a necessity for pruning and trimming branches, shoots, and foliage. We carry a wide range of Bonsai tree scissors and shears, from top of the line Masakuni Japanese trimming shears, perfect for heavy duty pruning, to miniature bud scissors for smaller jobs. Snub-nosed pruners like these from Fujiyama can help you make close cuts that minimize bark damage, while large handled all-purpose Bonsai shears allow you to use your entire hand and palm to leverage the energy needed to make a cut. Our spring-assist wire cutters come in multiple sizes for cutting all different gauges of wire. We also carry specialty scissors, such as azalea shears which allow you to reach into tight places to trim shoots without damaging tender blossoms and buds.

Scissors and shears are without a doubt the go-to Bonsai trimming tool for any Bonsai enthusiast. We carry high quality brands in all sizes (many of which come with a warranty), appropriate for any shaping, trimming, and pruning job. The right Bonsai trimming tools, kept clean and sharp, will make your experience a delightfully smooth and satisfying one.

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