Trunk Splitters

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Trunk splitters are used to train trees by way of splitting the trunk at the base, with the goal usually being to thicken the trunk. This technique should only be used on certain kinds of trees – those that are able to heal relatively easily from the trauma of large wounds. These include Junipers, Boxwood, Ficus, and Elms. While it might be tempting to use one of your other tools for this purpose, such as branch pruners or root cutters, these tools are not made for the aggressive job of splitting an entire trunk. Trunk splitters are specially designed to withstand the force necessary to perform this duty.

Our selection of high quality bonsai trunk splitters includes sizes from 8” in length up to 10 ½”. Finishes include black metal, silver, and stainless steel. We provide you with products from names you can trust, like Fujiyama and Masakuni. These bonsai tool manufacturers employ the expertise of Japanese bonsai masters to craft each tool to the highest quality specifications; buy with confidence, as most of our products feature a generous warranty period. While you’re here, don’t forget the bonsai tool oil to keep your tool collection in well-maintained working order.

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